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Iceland: the land of many layers.

Have you ever made a really quick, possibly financially foolish decision in under a minute? When that happens you immediately try to come up with any and every excuse to justify your choice. I made the decision to go to Iceland on an absolute whim. I didn’t know anyone that was going, the trip was scheduled the week before my spring break, I couldn’t convince my friends to go, and the trip was smack in the middle of an over-packed semester.


So here it was, a great opportunity to go to Iceland (with AIGA members) in the name of design while also partaking in other incredible and unique Icelandic experiences and all arrows pointed in the direction don’t go.

In under a minute I decided that for all of those reasons, I should go. This was a huge networking opportunity that shouldn’t be passed up, especially with graduation around the corner.

The adventure began with an overnight flight to Iceland. Once there, the entire group partook in tired introductions and we were shuffled off to breakfast. The restaurant wasn’t typically open at that hour, but a favor was called in for our group. This happened several times throughout the trip. The perk of a really small country is that just about anything you need is a phone call away.

At breakfast, we were briefed on what the week would look like, how the design conference would fit into the schedule and how often we’d squeeze in a soak in the geo-thermal pools.


It was a whirlwind of a week. Each day we woke up early, donned many layers (Iceland’s weather changes every 5 minutes), equipped ourselves with lots of camera gear, and were on our way. We soaked in three geo-thermal pools, Blue Lagoon, the (not-so) secret Lagoon, and a city pool. We visited sustainable farms and greenhouses in which we had the most delicious food, drinks, and treats. We hunted the Northern Lights and found them. We walked on black sand beaches, weaved in and out of old-style homes, ATV’d through lava fields, bar/design crawled through Reykjavik, gushed over design, and learned about each other. We had lots of laughs and lots of incredible food. Every turn we took, Iceland became more beautiful. The people of Iceland are welcoming and kind. It was an absolute pleasure to learn about their life and their perspective of the world and design.

This trip was beyond needed. Getting out of New York and meeting new people that have been practicing design for years in a multitude of settings was reaffirming. Graduate school is challenging and it makes you question all you know about yourself and what you’re doing. It makes you unsure of your future and who you’ll be. But this experience wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for my choice to pursue this field. I’m glad I went, even though it might seem like a foolish choice to most. I met incredible people and saw the most beautiful things with them. This trip gave me perspective on a lot of things in regards to design, and I’ll be forever grateful.



Big Girl Plans

Hello all–hope you had an enjoyable three-day weekend.  Technically speaking the third day hasn’t ended yet, but nonetheless.  I did something a bit uncharacteristic this weekend; I went home.  While home, I finally had the space and silence to THINK.

I most definitely want to go to grad school but I am most definitely not prepared.  I need a small break from formal education. I want to work and be a big girl. Mainly, I want to make connections and live in the moment.  I believe that will fuel a lot of inspiration and considering I want to go to art school, I’m going to need A LOT of inspiration.

With that being said, I took some big girl steps towards my future.  I purchased the newest version of the Adobe programs I want.  I shot some photos and I stayed away from my phone and the computer (aside from downloading the programs). I re-centered myself in my sanctuary and hung out with my cat.  I realized that I need to stop planning, wondering, dreaming, and preparing. This is the moment I need to start doing. I cracked open the textbook that my teacher gave me and found some Photoshop tutorials and began working.

I have NEVER used Photoshop in my life.  I find it to be a wildly intimidating program.  I’ve come to realize that Photoshop is kind of a baby fear of mine and it’s time to bite the bullet brush tool and begin. I found a few tutorials, decided which would be the easiest, and go. Not easy at all.  According to the tutorial I failed.  The outcome wasn’t what it should be but I am stopping at this point.  For the first attempt, it isn’t entirely off.  I can’t figure out how to bring it where it needs to be, but nonetheless, it’s close. I just wish I had a physical teacher, but I guess this experience is meant to be teacherless.  Sometimes in life, one must be their own professor.


This is the first attempt.  Adding my name was my own improvisation.  I got a little frustrated with what I was doing and moved over into the typography toolbar of Photoshop.  By no means is that a reflection of my typography skills.  I was just playing with the tools. This is the tutorial I used:  You can see what I was aiming for and what I missed terribly.

Another part of my soul-searching epiphany today was to begin actively planning my second blog.  My good friend and I (another PR major) came up with this pet-project to do after college during the job hunt. We keep talking about it but that all its been; conversation.  Today I decided its time to form a strategy for the blog. What our first few posts will be, how we’ll be writing it, the look of it, etc.  Stay tuned for the launch of that blog!

Until next time,
Miss Enlund ;]

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Social Mod for Yearbook

Social Mod for Yearbook

I re-created what a Facebook Page looks like on a mobile platform using InDesign CS 5.5 for a mod in the yearbook. We decided to do a page on on how the college and student organizations are “going social” by having a strong presence on social media to advertise their events and tell their own respective stories.

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