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In praise of the weeds

Blown away by this post. Even more blow away that this is written by a peer, a friend.

We are all story

Of all the questions asked of me since starting grad school, I never anticipated that the hardest one to answer would be “Where are you from?”

As I stumble through the many homes I have had in the past few years my thoughts begin to trip over each other:

“Umm well I’m originally from Maryland – that’s where I grew up.  But I moved here from New Orleans where I was living for two years before this.  Does that count?  Except you know, I lived in Ohio for a few years as well and oddly enough I identify as an Ohioan more than anything…I even risked excommunication from my family by becoming a Buckeye fan (luckily they still love me!).”

I could get even more detailed than that – I have homes that I have only ever spent two weeks in.  “What about Mexico?  That was where I learned that…

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