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The good news is I have a FEW pending posts that I’m still working on!  So I haven’t failed entirely on my challenge of writing more.  The better news is that I have begun co-writing for the blog of the center I work at!  What makes me even more excited is that I’m able to put my passion and skills to work by convincing the women that I work for to step into the online platform for their non-profit.

Mixed into all of that I’ll be taking on a new writing challenge: writing the stories of the guests that I serve.  I’m thrilled about this different approach to writing and I look forward to connecting with the guests on a personal level and learn more about them.  Although it took some bumps and bruises to learn the ropes of the center, I’m beginning to figure out my purpose and my place–and I’m loving it!

One idea that I brought to the table and have been granted to permission to run with it, is to have the guests, staff, and volunteers of the Rebuild Center take part in the social movement of #GivingTuesday.  I learned about it yesterday and its safe to say that I’ve become OBSESSED with this brand new holiday.  #GivingTuesday follows the chaos of Black Friday and Cyber Monday as a kickoff to the season of giving…back!  Service is evidently an important part of my life, and this is a really cool social movement that is bringing service to the forefront and reminding people to help others (to learn more about #GivingTuesday click the image).

Isn’t that why we’re put on this earth?

My idea is to have the guests, volunteers, and staff take part in the #UNselfie hashtag by creating signs on why they serve, or why its important to serve.  What I’ve urged our guests to do is offer the perspective of “how important it is to benefit from service, love, and kindness”.  Most of the unselfies that are being posted are about why people are motivated to give back–I decided to provide the motivation.

To see more of the project for work, check out

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