Rainy Days

One of the most fascinating things about New Orleans is the way it rains.  Often when it rains, it really does pour.  Giant drops cascade from the sky but the sun still remains visible.  This is what makes it so magical; the sun catches each drop and creates a gorgeous shimmering experience. This phenomenon has occurred almost every day since I’ve moved here (just two weeks ago).

Interestingly enough, the city never seems to be entirely under a rain cloud.  The first time I experienced the skies opening up, my roommates and I were across town.  When we arrived home (just a 15 minute drive) we learned that it hadn’t even rained by us.

Also, the weather forecast means zilch.  Regardless of the precipitation percentage, ITS GON’ RAIN!  This is probably due to the fact that we are technically in Hurricane Season (although we haven’t—thankfully—experienced any threatening weather, yet).  This northerner, however, is overly captivated by the weather.

Check out the video and enjoy the lovely sounds of the rain! http://instagram.com/p/dyJIcVSxZb/#

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