Forgive the absence

It’s been over 90 days since my last post, my sincerest apologies!! In those 90 days my yearbook made its debut, several school-hosted events were planned and executed, unforgettable night-outs took place, last minute bonding sessions with any and everyone, nailed a summer job, a real job offering surfaced, I graduated college, moved back home, re-fell for the guy from high school and re-moved on in a matter of 24 hours, and I got a tattoo!

Needless to say these last 90 days have been the strangest most intense mix of emotions.  EVERY SINGLE THOUGHT has run rampant through my mind.  Some assumed questions: “What would have happened if…”, “I wonder what so and so is doing now…”, “Do you think we’ll stay in touch?”  Some unexpected questions: “Will the bus leave without us?! If so, HOW ARE WE GETTING THERE?”, “Who shall I bring with me if I win the JTs Biggest Fan Contest

Oh..side note.  I entered myself into a contest to determine if I am Justin Timberlake’s Biggest Fan via z100. It’s a two week contest in which I have to get people to vote for me each day.  So reader, whomever you are, please vote for me! Visit this link to vote .  If you’re really spectacular, you’ll vote for me every day.  Now, I recognize that 140 characters just isn’t enough to determine if I’m the biggest fan or not so feel free to check out my other blog or following my hashtag #ErikaisTHETNKid    The winner gets flown out to London and gets tickets to the Legends of the Summer Tour at Yankee Stadium.


Decked out for Graduation!

Graduating college was the strangest and coolest day of my life.  The event was BEAUTIFUL and the celebration dinner at JTs restaurant was great.  The emotions, though, were indescribable.  I was stressed out because I had no control over the event (control freak alert), I was excited because I was about be a COLLEGE GRADUATE, I was crapping my pants because I was about to be a COLLEGE GRADUATE, I was sad…so sad… because I felt like I was breaking up with every relationship I had established from friend to foe, and I was so nervous that I would trip on stage…at Radio City Music Hall.  I was overwhelmed with pride.  I was so proud of my friends for all that they’ve accomplished in the last four years, so proud of my residents and their growth, and really proud of myself.  It’s really crazy for me to take that step back and realize that I’m the only person in my nuclear family that went to college.

Either way, I apologize for the absence.  I haven’t had a serious moment to sit down and commit myself to writing in the way that I’ve wanted, but I have been brainstorming ideas.  I’ll probably do a case study on myself (lame I know) and my social media campaign to get votes for the JT contest.  Although it’s in- house, the best person to promote is yourself because you know yourself the best.  From a social media standpoint, I think I’m doing a relatively good job.  I wish I could just get my hands on the metrics that z100 has.

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