80 some odd days ’til it all begins

There really is always sunshine after the rain.

Uber cliché, I’m aware.  I was having a really off week for no apparent reason.  In between all of the things that weren’t working out, there were little flecks of amazingness.  Since the storm has passed, I’m able to absorb the wonderful things that have occurred and be grateful for them.

I reached out to the Digital Media Director of my school to pick her brain.  She’s young, good at what she does, and seems to be enjoying herself. Now, when I say young, I mean she graduated college when I graduated high school.  She’s only a few steps ahead of me, so I just HAD to harass her with questions of how she got to where she is. We met for coffee (we’re both addicts apparently) and had such a great conversation.

To put my life into perspective: I’m graduating college in 80 some odd days and I’m a wee bit overwhelmed by all of the possibilities in front of me.  In this regard, I’m no different from thousands of people approaching this milestone.

But I am different.

I have a lot of different types of skills and interests.  I’m also pretty passionate about communications.  I believe in the power of words, tone, messaging, branding, designing, social media, REAL LIFE social networking etc. I’m in awe of it, really.  People blow my mind every day.  There are too many stories to hear and to tell.  I’m just excited about life and often times, I feel like I’m one of the few who realize just how exciting this really is.

The coffee date was great.  She gave me a ton of advice and some serious affirmation.  I guess I needed the confidence boost from someone who knows me but doesn’t deeply know me.  It’s just different when you hear kind words and praise from people outside of your family (hi mom….and grandma). She also said two things that make SO MUCH SENSE.

1)      This is just not the work environment that your parents worked in.  I’ll be lucky if I’m with a company (that isn’t my own) for more than a decade.  Our generation just doesn’t DO that.  It’s normal and almost forced to have several jobs.

2)      The internet is more miraculous than you realize.  You can do…or connect…with just about anyone.  It’s also a place where you can formulate ideas and sell them.  SELL THEM!  There are so many things I can do that I can sell from my adorable, outdated HP while I find 18 other means of income (at once).

And then, life tapped me on the shoulder at my favorite place around my campus.  I was having lunch with my roommate when we over heard a woman talking to a man about how she “couldn’t believe they graduated from my school seven years ago…”

At that moment, I realized I was looking at my future self.  I shamelessly looked at her, interrupted her conversation and admitted that I was graduating in 80 some odd days and I was freaking out.  I couldn’t imagine what life would be like a year from now, let alone seven.

She told me beautiful things such as: take a break from education, finding what you don’t like is important too, and you can do anything with a little drive.  She proceeded to tell me all that she had been involved in.  Home girl dabbled in a bit of everything, kind of like myself.  She explained that she got bit by the travel bug and never wanted to give it up.  I didn’t get her life story, but I got enough to be completely inspired by who she is.  She was just so damn relateable and driven.  She has since turned her love for traveling and her skills in broadcasting and created her own, online social network of travelers.

Speaking with these two women really inspired me and calmed my anxiety.  I really think I’m going to take the uncharacteristic step after graduation and follow my heart.  This is about to be the best 80 some odd days and I can’t wait.

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2 thoughts on “80 some odd days ’til it all begins

  1. ionacollegeblogs says:

    Reblogged this on Iona College Career Development and commented:
    Great advice for seniors!

  2. Evita says:

    Glad you took something from our convo. Glad you spoke up, as most are too fearful too. You have a good head on your shoulders, this I can tell. Just f*&king go for it! Whatever ‘it’ is! 😉
    -The woman you met at the Aveneue

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