Big Girl Plans

Hello all–hope you had an enjoyable three-day weekend.  Technically speaking the third day hasn’t ended yet, but nonetheless.  I did something a bit uncharacteristic this weekend; I went home.  While home, I finally had the space and silence to THINK.

I most definitely want to go to grad school but I am most definitely not prepared.  I need a small break from formal education. I want to work and be a big girl. Mainly, I want to make connections and live in the moment.  I believe that will fuel a lot of inspiration and considering I want to go to art school, I’m going to need A LOT of inspiration.

With that being said, I took some big girl steps towards my future.  I purchased the newest version of the Adobe programs I want.  I shot some photos and I stayed away from my phone and the computer (aside from downloading the programs). I re-centered myself in my sanctuary and hung out with my cat.  I realized that I need to stop planning, wondering, dreaming, and preparing. This is the moment I need to start doing. I cracked open the textbook that my teacher gave me and found some Photoshop tutorials and began working.

I have NEVER used Photoshop in my life.  I find it to be a wildly intimidating program.  I’ve come to realize that Photoshop is kind of a baby fear of mine and it’s time to bite the bullet brush tool and begin. I found a few tutorials, decided which would be the easiest, and go. Not easy at all.  According to the tutorial I failed.  The outcome wasn’t what it should be but I am stopping at this point.  For the first attempt, it isn’t entirely off.  I can’t figure out how to bring it where it needs to be, but nonetheless, it’s close. I just wish I had a physical teacher, but I guess this experience is meant to be teacherless.  Sometimes in life, one must be their own professor.


This is the first attempt.  Adding my name was my own improvisation.  I got a little frustrated with what I was doing and moved over into the typography toolbar of Photoshop.  By no means is that a reflection of my typography skills.  I was just playing with the tools. This is the tutorial I used:  You can see what I was aiming for and what I missed terribly.

Another part of my soul-searching epiphany today was to begin actively planning my second blog.  My good friend and I (another PR major) came up with this pet-project to do after college during the job hunt. We keep talking about it but that all its been; conversation.  Today I decided its time to form a strategy for the blog. What our first few posts will be, how we’ll be writing it, the look of it, etc.  Stay tuned for the launch of that blog!

Until next time,
Miss Enlund ;]

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