Taking a step back

Picture it: Manhattan, 2013, crowded bar and you’re surrounded at a table with all of your friends. (I’m hoping readers picked up on the Golden Girls intro reference…)

Any who, you’re at a table and conversation is flowing along with drinks and laughter.  In that moment, you straighten your back up against the wall and look out beyond your circle.  You begin to notice the groupings of people around your circle.  You also take note of how these groups are inter-mingling [I find people watching  creeping to be so intriguing]. There is so much to be said about human nature and behavior.  But alas, after paying close attention to others and how the social scene flows I get really FREAKING aggravated.

Here’s why: From my perspective, I know each of the people in my circle.  I know what makes them laugh and I know why they’ve cried so hard the week before.  I’m sure that occurs in the other circles as well..for both men and women.  Why do I get aggravated? Because in my circle, I’m surrounded by beautiful women who work hard, invest their time in people other than themselves, who are quirky, kinda awkward, and don’t see their own beauty.  But where are the men headed? To the circle of GIRLS (barely women from my outside perspective) who’s conversational topics range from vodka to their favorite house music.

Now–by no means do I assume that any one who is frequenting a bar on Wednesday night is searching for the love of their life.  But why not approach the person you’re interested in who is your equal? Actually, now that I’m thinking about it, these kinds of people are pretty equivalent. I guess I’m ranting about the guy, and or girl, that I have a measurable amount of respect for or thought they wanted more than the cheap trick.

My friend made quite the point that evening; “The problem is that we’re respectable. We work hard, we’re dependable, and we’re funny. But just because I’m dependable doesn’t mean that I don’t want to be taken home and fucked sideways also!”

Well, alrighty then. Nothing like the blunt and honest truth.  But, homegirl has a point. I just can’t reason it out and it frustrates me.  I just don’t understand why shitty people can’t flock to other shitty people and eventually die out.  I believe it should be survival of the…most awkward [awkward people rule]. I blame these thoughts on my love of creeping mixed with my gender roles and stereotypes course.  My mind is on over drive and I am observing all that is around me. Its also irritating because I’m annoyed with myself and my friends (guys too) whining over why we all aren’t good enough.  Good enough for whom? Sir douchebag at the bar claiming that “others” find him conceited because he so happens to be on a poster that’s plastered all over the school in which you don’t go to, therefore you would have absolutely no idea that said poster doesn’t even exist….ahh.

Salud to those of us who see through the bullshit fronts of those around us. Find your diamond-in-the-rough friends and hold on to them.  Genuine souls are hard to come by and should be showered in love and laughter.


Until next time,
Miss Enlund ;]

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