Just a Theory

So I’ve been keeping quite the eye on Mr. Timberlake’s news.  You know, the normal stuff such as: subscribing to ANYONE/ANYTHING affiliated with him so that any time they tweet..I receive a text.  I’ve also signed up for every possible newsletter and have frequented countdown.justintimberlake.com.

I’m stalking studying his campaign for personal and professional reasons.  Any type of new product release is always interesting, but when its the man (who is finally releasing music after six dreadful years) you’ve love since you were 7…its a HUGE deal.

What is brilliant is how daunting and consistent this campaign is.  He periodically tweets quoting himself in many aspects.  One tweet, which was posted on January 12 stating “..and as long as I got my suit and tie…” #JT2013.  With that, he has changed his profile pictures on Twitter and Facebook to be him at the mic, and both banner photos to be a recording mic.  All of this SCREAMS to music.

Furthermore, on the website with the countdown there are faded letters.  New letters keep appearing, replacing old letters that were once appeared.  I’ve been monitoring these letters.  In my opinion, this will be the song title. 

And I believe I just may have cracked the code….*insert drum roll and stadium like screaming*

Suit & Tie is what I believe the title of the new single will be…or MAYBE even the album! Either way, JT has been cooking up something good.  I feel it in my bones.  I’m excited for his new work and more excited to see the publicity campaign that follows it. I heard rumors of him being on SNL (no surprise), I’m hoping he stops by Jimmy Fallon for another Rap Medley, and the obvious—Ellen!

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