The perks of being the opposite of a wallflower

Life has been quite ridiculous lately. Let me first inform you of the laundry list of items that have occurred (and are continuing) in the last two weeks.  37-page proofs (which were insanely late–thanks Hurricane Sandy), 55 new pages to design, a final research paper, two campaigns, a website study, a compilation of photographs, two magazine feature articles, and of course living a life.

Aside from swimming in work, a lot of wonderful things have occurred in my life as well.  I was asked to deliver a speech at the largest fundraising event for my college.  The intention of the speech is to tell my story and validate why alum should continue donating.  I am looking forward to meeting the alum. I also managed to snag press passes to shoot our basketball game at MSG ;]

The most exciting event that took place was celebrating the 250th birthday of Blessed Edmund Rice.  This was a huge deal for my school considering we were founded by the Edmund Rice Christian Brothers.  I was part of the planning committee.  During the planning process, I suggested that we create a buzz about the event and encourage our students to hashtag #team250 before, during, and even after.  Although the college’s communications team was there live tweeting, I decided to help.  Utilizing Twitter and Instagram, I captured the event and hashtagged my life away.  The coolest part was when an alumni tweeted at me asking what was going on at the school.  Although this pales in comparison to huge social campaigns, this was similar to my “first steps” at live tweeting an event that gained a small following.  The event, also, was beautiful and filled with a lot of love and pride.

Until next time,

Miss Enlund ;]

Below is a photo recap of Blessed Edmund Rice’s 250th Birthday. 250 students, representing each year of Edmund Rice’s life, processed into the gymnasium.  Students reflected on his life, members of the community toasted to him, and several groups were given service awards for their dedication to the college during Hurricane Sandy. ImageImageImage ImageImageImage

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