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Social Mod for Yearbook

Social Mod for Yearbook

I re-created what a Facebook Page looks like on a mobile platform using InDesign CS 5.5 for a mod in the yearbook. We decided to do a page on on how the college and student organizations are “going social” by having a strong presence on social media to advertise their events and tell their own respective stories.

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Re-branding an institution

A few months ago I interned for the Communications Department of my college and I have maintained a very close working relationship with the entire department.  The college, under the direction of a new president, has created a new strategic plan.  A heavy component of that plan is re-branding the institution.

While interning, I played a small role in choosing the organization that would roll out our new advertisement and branding campaign.  After several weeks of compiling quantitative and qualitative information about the school, the re-branding campaign was introduced.  Sitting in on this unveiling was very interesting and there was a lot to take from it. Here are key things I got out of this meeting that my professors have been stressing all along.

1) Comprehensive understanding of an organization. FUSEAcademia was hired to take on the re-branding project of Iona College.  They conducted an extensive amount of research of the students, alumni, prospective students, existing marketing materials and publications, faculty, and parents. They compiled all of this information and used to to see the strengths and weaknesses of the brand.  Using this information, they came up with a concise message to explain Iona which absolutely nailed it.  As someone part of the community, it was very interesting to hear a third-party perspective on what the culture of the campus is.

2) Delivery is key. Most of the crowd was very impressed by the person who delivered the report.  Although he was older and not overly animated, he spoke with confidence and passion about our school, the plan, and the research.  He sounded as if he were part of our community.  He KNEW what he was talking about.  This is the most important skill to have while speaking to the public.

3) Emotional Value. In order for something to resonate with a group of people it must strike an emotional chord.  No one will buy into an organization, or a change in an organization, unless it coincides with their needs.  FUSE crafted a new tagline for Iona.  Although the tagline is three words long, there was a deep thought process that went into it.  The two main words correlate to emotion and the values of Iona.

I feel like I am in a really unique position to watch the beginnings of a real re-branding campaign unfold.  I enjoy looking at every decision critically while simultaneously looking at other college campaigns.  I get a bit of a rush during situations like this because it proves that I am definitely perusing a career in a field that I love! I only wish that I could be remain on the inner circle for the next five years to see how effective the campaign really was.

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Instagram Yanks Its Photos from Twitter Cards

I find it interesting that Twitter and Facebook have a great connection, yet Twitter and Instagram don’t (considering its now owned by Facebook)


If you use Twitter, and follow lots of people who post photos from Instagram, you may notice that those photos don’t look quite right.

That’s because Instagram has decided to pull its support for Twitter Cards, a tool that can embed photos, videos or text into tweets with links in them. Without the use of Twitter Cards, Instagram photos may appear cropped, and the only way you can see the full photo is by clicking a link to Instagram’s website.

To be clear, you can still post an image from Instagram to Twitter, it just won’t look right unless your followers view it directly on Instagram’s website.  (My actual experience varied. With a test image, Twitter’s website showed the full photo. Twitter for iPhone showed a cropped photo, while Twitter for Android only showed the link, with no photo preview at all.)

As you may suspect, the decision is all…

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Chrysler Building

Chrysler Building

Capturing pattern using macro photography

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The perks of being the opposite of a wallflower

Life has been quite ridiculous lately. Let me first inform you of the laundry list of items that have occurred (and are continuing) in the last two weeks.  37-page proofs (which were insanely late–thanks Hurricane Sandy), 55 new pages to design, a final research paper, two campaigns, a website study, a compilation of photographs, two magazine feature articles, and of course living a life.

Aside from swimming in work, a lot of wonderful things have occurred in my life as well.  I was asked to deliver a speech at the largest fundraising event for my college.  The intention of the speech is to tell my story and validate why alum should continue donating.  I am looking forward to meeting the alum. I also managed to snag press passes to shoot our basketball game at MSG ;]

The most exciting event that took place was celebrating the 250th birthday of Blessed Edmund Rice.  This was a huge deal for my school considering we were founded by the Edmund Rice Christian Brothers.  I was part of the planning committee.  During the planning process, I suggested that we create a buzz about the event and encourage our students to hashtag #team250 before, during, and even after.  Although the college’s communications team was there live tweeting, I decided to help.  Utilizing Twitter and Instagram, I captured the event and hashtagged my life away.  The coolest part was when an alumni tweeted at me asking what was going on at the school.  Although this pales in comparison to huge social campaigns, this was similar to my “first steps” at live tweeting an event that gained a small following.  The event, also, was beautiful and filled with a lot of love and pride.

Until next time,

Miss Enlund ;]

Below is a photo recap of Blessed Edmund Rice’s 250th Birthday. 250 students, representing each year of Edmund Rice’s life, processed into the gymnasium.  Students reflected on his life, members of the community toasted to him, and several groups were given service awards for their dedication to the college during Hurricane Sandy. ImageImageImage ImageImageImage

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