So it all begins

This will be my first big-girl attempt at blogging.

I say big-girl attempt because (sadly) I was guilty of having a Xanga account, “blogged” through MySpace and worked with blogs through internships.

As you can see, I’m quite the social buff.  Admittedly, I am connected to about a dozen social networks.  I am a huge advocate for sharing people’s stories and staying connected.  I love that in my short lifetime, I have watched the launch of the internet and how it has defined cultures.

Aside from having a love affair with social media, I’m a 21 year old Public Relations major in New York City (good thing we’re a dime a dozen).  I graduate in six short months and each and every day I fight with myself over what I want to do with my life after college.  The only thing I know is that I have a passion for mass communications, a drive to work, and deep deep love for typography and design.

Either way, I intend on using this blog to discuss the topics that get me going; typography, the use of social media in the field of higher education, design, photography, and mass communications.  My posts will most likely be peppered with Justin Timberlake here and there. Me, I’m a sucker for anything JT; movies, music, clothing, philanthropic ventures, restaurants, and anything else that man lays his beautiful hands on.

Until next time,

Miss Enlund

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